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Casting a spotlight on the best of the best


A home for an often overlooked kitchen staple

Located on the western coast of Japan with scenic views of Toyama bay is the historic city of Takaoka. The area is famous for the traditional craft of metal casting, which was initially used to produce farming equipment and household items. By the beginning of the eighteenth century, artisans were crafting a broad range of metal items, from decorative wares for tea ceremonies to Buddhist statues.

The FUTAGAMI foundry was founded in Takaoka in 1897, initially specializing in brass fixtures and fittings. They diversified their offerings to include beautiful homewares in 2009.

The kitchen is where you find all the best practical, beautiful gadgets designed to make our lives easier and look good in the process. A kitchen paper holder doesn’t usually spring to mind as a must-have kitchen item, but this one from FUTAGAMI stands out.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, usually with a golden yellow or silvery color. As the surface oxidizes, the reflective shine becomes deeper and darker. The effect is easily reversible with a polishing cloth if you want to bring back its original shine.

The uneven texture is attained by sand casting, with the fine, grainy finish accentuated by the smooth natural wood stopper. The color and appearance of both the brass structure and the wood slowly develops over time.

The curved top is comfortable to hold, ideal for its inevitable trips from the kitchen to the dining room. Sturdy and elegant, this kitchen paper holder is designed to get better with age, taking pride of place on any kitchen counter or dining table for years to come.