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The popularity of the G-SHOCK watch peaked in the late ‘90s. Everybody had one or knew someone who had one. But the idea for the G-SHOCK was born a whole decade earlier, in 1981.
A young man received a watch from his parents after passing his high school exam and when he accidentally dropped it, it broke. He went on to become a watch developer at Casio and endeavored to create a watch that won’t break even if it is dropped.
Three years and over 200 prototypes later, the first-ever G-SHOCK model was launched, quickly taking off amongst those who appreciated its durability including outdoor enthusiasts, firefighters, and police officers. The early ’90s saw its popularity spread further afield, reaching sports enthusiasts and youth and street culture, its tough appeal and design becoming a fashion icon in its own right.

By 2017, over 100 million watches were sold, making the G-SHOCK one of the most successful watch lines in history, and it continues to evolve with innovative designs and advanced features being developed all the time.

One of the more premium models from our selection is the GMW-B5000MB, which is based on the first-ever G-SHOCK model from 1983, the iconic DW-5000C. Upgraded with full metal construction, the GMW-B5000MB is finished in matte black with polished stainless steel accents.

The metal link band is designed to replicate the original plastic strap, honed and with different finishes applied to accentuate the details and beauty of the metal.

The watch uses the tried-and-tested shock-resistant structure, by installing buffering components made of fine resin between the stainless steel bezel and case. Constructed in homage to the DW-5000C, the iconic brick pattern of the original design adorns the dial, with lettering and features faithfully reproduced. Modern elements have also been applied including solar-powered charging which makes changing the batteries a thing of the past.

The watch features the original Shock Resistant hallmark to the case back, with a mirror finish to the beveled surfaces. Exclusive to only the higher-end G-SHOCK models, it is made in Japan.

The G-SHOCK lineup is vast, intricate and constantly expanding, making it difficult to choose one watch out of hundreds. But with its deep design roots and sleek metal finish, the GMW-B5000MB is a solid choice for both the average customer and avid watch enthusiast.