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Developed in Japan in the early 20th century, the art of pouring Nel Drip coffee is a careful ritual that takes patience, practice, and time. Among the several key factors to pouring the perfect cup, is the vessel into which the coffee drips. Koizumi glassworks was established in Tokyo in 1912 as a manufacturer of science and medical lab glassware. The fourth-generation, family-owned, company is one of the few manufacturers in Japan capable of melting borosilicate glass, the immensely durable, heat-resistant glass ideal for pouring velvety rich, sweet Nel Drip coffee.

Handblown by skilled artisans in Koizumi Glassworks’ Tokyo factory, the ‘Minowa 2-Chome Nel Dripper’ resembles a triangular beaker fastened by a leather girdle. By contrasting the precision of lab-spec glass curves with the organic texture of natural leather, Koizumi Glassworks offers an elevated take on the iconic CHEMEX coffee maker, a masterpiece of industrial design.

We recommend pairing it with Koizumi Glassworks’ ‘Octopus Jar’. The airtight cork stopper makes it ideal for storing food and sweets, but we love the way it looks when stocked with our favorite coffee beans next to the Minowa 2-Chome Nel Dripper.