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In today's digital era, a mobile battery pack would be top of the priority list for most of us going on a camping trip or participating in outdoor activities.

Worrying about remaining battery life can put a real dampener on a trip or worse, compromise safety. In fact, securing a reliable power source for your mobile devices feels as pertinent as ever.

But what if your mobile battery could also function as something else? LANDER is a manufacturer of outdoor accessories founded in 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. By teaming up with a group of leading outdoor designers, LANDER have created accessories that incorporate elements of outdoor equipment you might typically find at a base camp, making them lightweight, durable and functional. From their exceptional line-up, we recommend the BOULDER lantern.

The BOULDER is a compact LED lantern with a maximum brightness of 350 lumens, but what sets it apart is its large 13,000 mAh battery. The battery powers three ports, plus a wireless charging function on the top surface to charge up to four devices simultaneously, with up to 300 hours of light time.

The free LANDER Lighting app can also be downloaded, allowing you to control BOULDER’s power, dimming, color, light alarms, proximity lighting, battery settings and light strobe, right from your phone.

Stylish, compact and packed with the highest specs, the BOULDER lantern is the ultimate accessory to keep your adventure bright and stay connected throughout your journey.