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The metal camping cup has been appearing in campsites all over the world for generations. The original cup is said to date as far back as 1895 when the famous environmental philosopher and mountaineer John Muir would go trekking through Yosemite with “only a tin cup, a handful of tea, a loaf of bread, and a copy of Emerson.” John Muir would go on to found the Sierra Club, one of the first large-scale environmental preservation organizations in the world. The small tin cup would come to be known as the Sierra Club cup, which symbolizes a sense of adventure and an admiration for the great outdoors even to this day.
A sub brand of MOUNTAIN RESEARCH, ANARCHO CUPS is one of many companies to reproduce the Sierra Cup. But take a closer look and you’ll find that these are not just a cheap knock-off.


ANARCHO CUPS are in fact modeled on the lesser known Rocky Cup which has gained a somewhat cult-like status in the Japanese camping scene. Based on the original Sierra Cup, this version is slightly deeper, lending itself to serving food as well as drink. The shape of the vessel and hand-bent wire handles are faithful to the original form.

The shallow embossed logo on the bottom is replicated with the brands slogan, ANARCHO MOUNTAINEERS.

What sets this cup apart from any other imitation is the manufacturing process involved. Most vessels of this shape are press-molded – a cheap, fast method ensuring identical results. ANARCHO CUPS hand-craft each item by spinning and squeezing the metal into its final shape.

A variety of cup and bowl sizes are available in the ANARCHO CUPS range, but most notable is the compact 1/2pt size. This specific size happens to be unique to the Rocky Cup, a detail which will not be missed by outdoor enthusiasts.

The philosophy embodied by the Sierra/Rocky cup clearly struck a chord with the MOUNTAIN RESEARCH team. In creating ANARCHO CUPS, they pay homage to the cup and all that it represents with the upmost care and respect.