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CITIZEN × hobo
For moments spent enjoying what you love

The ECO DRIVE WATCH is a collaborative project between Japanese global watchmakers CITIZEN and Tokyo-based bags and accessories brand hobo. The partnership was launched at the end of last year, garnering much acclaim, and now a new WHITE version is set to be released on March 19th (Sat).

Not dazzling nor flashy, but rather a watch that “suits any person, in any location”, the CITIZEN x hobo ECO DRIVE WATCH is a quiet companion to your everyday life. Today we interview five respected Tokyo creatives to take a peek at the time they spend wearing their hobo watches, and also catch a glimpse of how they each find moments to enjoy doing what they love.

We believe that a life where you can find time for yourself, within the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day, is a truly rich one.

We believe that a life where you can find time for yourself, within the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day, is a truly rich one. These CITIZEN and hobo watches are developed to “suit any person, in any location” as a quiet companion to your day-to-day life. They are perfect for people who want to enjoy the moments they spend doing what they love.

The ECO DRIVE WATCH was released in BLACK at the end of last year and now a new WHITE version is to be added to the collection. The nylon strap and leather band can be easily switched to match your mood, much in the same way that you would choose what clothes to wear on any given day. The separate leather bund pad that will go on sale on the same day provides the possibility to add extra character to your style.

For this interview, we asked five respected creatives to spend time as they pleased while wearing their ECO DRIVE WATCH.

Some revisited familiar stores in search of chance encounters, while others immersed themselves in a job that they love. Others cherished conversations with good friends... As we take a glance at their daily lives, we see the richness of moments spent enjoying what we love, be it for work or pleasure.

For anybody, at any time, the CITIZEN and hobo ECO DRIVE WATCH watch is a quiet companion to the moments spent immersed in what we love.

The new WHITE color, and new bund pads available in three colors, will both be released on Saturday, March 19 at 11:00 Japan Standard Time.

Takahiro Shibata

- What is your favorite time of day?
Weekday daytime. Time spent walking around Jinbocho’s antique bookstore district - “book town”.

- What can you get so absorbed in that you forget about time?
Vintage book hunting in my favorite book stores.

Takahiro Shibata
Editor / Editing Office “Kichi”, Director
Executive director at magazine house “&Premium” from its foundation for three and a half years. Currently creative director at Kodansha Ltd. “Kurihara Harumi”, while also active across a wide range of fields, such as media, advertising, and branding.

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Address_1-17 Jinbocho, Kanda, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo
Hours_11:00~18:30 No scheduled holidays

Michihiko Kurihara

- What is your favorite time of day?
Late at night when I’m working

- What can you get so absorbed in that you forget about time?
Because of the nature of my job, even when I’m in Japan I spend a lot of my time in touch with dealers in the US by telephone or email. I like the time I spend working late at night, on my own in the office.

Michihiko Kurihara
Vintage buyer
After working for 16 years at a vintage clothing store, Michihiko Kurihara started his career as a freelance vintage buyer in 2011.
He opened “Mr. Clean Yokohama” in 2018, before moving its location to Tomigaya in Tokyo as the renamed “Mr. Clean”.

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Address_1F Setoru MS Yoyogi-koen 1-35-4 Tomigaya, Shibuya ward, Tokyo
Hours_12:00~19:00 Closed Mondays

Atsushi Horie

- What is your favorite time of day?
That time just after sunset is known as the “blue moment” when the scenery glows blue, and the street lights seem to shine especially bright.

- What can you get so absorbed in that you forget about time?
When I’m having a drink and a chat with good friends. It’s so much fun that I forget about the time. We open up to each other about trivial things and more important truths. It’s because I have those special moments with my friends that I can focus on the things I need to do.

Atsushi Horie
Musician / STRAIGHTENER / ent
Vocals/guitar/keyboard for STRAIGHTENER, a central figure of the Japanese rock scene in the 2000s. The video of his live performance during the Crank Up TOUR held at USEN STUDIO COAST in 2021 will be released on April 13. His solo project “ent” takes electronica/post-rock to the next level and has garnered broad support from creatives and musicians.

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Bar Kurage
Address_1F Mustard Hotel 3-9-19 Kitazawa Setagaya ward, Tokyo
Tel_ 03-6407-9077(Mustard Hotel 1F)
Hours_17:00~21:00 (20:00 LO) Sat/Sun/Hols 15:00~21:00 (20:00 LO)

Ryo Miyoshi

- What is your favorite time of day?
Morning bath time. I like that time when I can sit in the bathtub and sort out what’s in my head.

- What can you get so absorbed in that you forget about time?
There isn’t really anything… I’m always getting distracted. My intention is to be completely absorbed in all the work that I do.

Ryo Miyoshi
1LDK adviser / SO NAKAMEGURO Director
Joined 1LDK in 2009. After becoming director went on to his current position as 1LDK advisor. Founded SO SHOP&HOSTEL NAKAMEGURO in 2018, of which he is also the director.

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Tel_ 03-6416-5549
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- What is your favorite time of day?
I like the daytime, especially sunny mornings to around noon. It’s the time of day that I feel the best, and the time when I can concentrate the most on the things that I love. I’m usually early to bed and early to rise, so I naturally start doing things in the morning.

- What can you get so absorbed in that you forget about time?
That has to be the time I spend at home on my turntables. If I’m listening to records and thinking up mixes, I forget about the time. I also lose track of time when I’m record shopping. Ever since I became a DJ, if I think of a mix when I’m out and about, I write the idea down straight away and try it out as soon as I get home. Sometimes that is the start of a sequence of trial and error and I end up going to bed late.

Began DJ-ing playing exclusively 7-inch records (45s), in 2011. Was the only Japanese artist to perform alongside the world’s top-class DJs at the “Technics 7th” event in Las Vegas in January 2019, and also participated in “Vinyl Destination” in the summer of the same year. Has toured more than ten U.S. cities, and received wide acclaim from hip hop and music fans around the world. Creates music/edits and continues to expand his work and talents into various areas of the music world as part of the unit “Funky Soul Brother” with DJ Southpaw Chop.

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Store Hours_12:00~20:00 土日祝11:00~20:00


This bund pad, which can be attached to either nylon NATO straps or a leather band, will be released to coincide with the release of the new ECO DRIVE WATCH white colorway. Bund pads were originally designed for military pilots, to protect their wrists from scalding caused by the extreme temperature changes in fighter-plane cockpits. This item combines a military aesthetic with premium leather quality.


CITIZEN × hobo

This highly perfected ECO DRIVE WATCH combines 10 ATM water resistance with CITIZEN’s unique ECO DRIVE, meaning you will never need to replace a battery.

While maintaining its size and key functionality, the case has been given a matte finish, and the watch face has been stripped back for simplicity, making the new WHITE version of this watch one that will suit “any person, in any place”. The luminous paint has a worn finish for a vintage feel, creating an item that is simple, but boasts high visibility and has its own unique, refined character.

The watch includes both nylon and a leather band, colored to match the casing so that you can enjoy changing the strap in the same way that you would enjoy choosing your wardrobe. The leather band will become develop a patina with use, giving the watch an elegance that makes it suitable for a wide variety of occasions. The military-style NATO strap is easy to change.

Bringing together CITIZEN’s perfected expertise and the playful spirit of hobo, this special model designed for anyone in any location, will be available from Saturday, March 19.

WHITE(Leather band_TAUPE / Nylon band_TAUPE)
BLACK(Leather band_BROWN / Nylon band_ GRAY)