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Longevity Guide

GORE-TEX is the undisputed champion of functional materials. To help you make the most of your GORE-TEX product, COVERCHORD presents the GORE-TEX PRODUCT CARE longevity guide. 
Additionally, COVERCHORD is now also offering a special GORE-TEX eco-bag to customers who purchase GORE-TEX products at COVERCHORD.

Under the mantra “Guaranteed to keep you dry,” GORE-TEX technology stop rain from coming in while pushing sweat and moisture out. COVERCHORD is home to a range of brands that harness the performance of GORE-TEX technology. Well-cared-for GORE-TEX products will provide better protection and last longer. To help you get the most out of your GORE-TEX gear, we've put together a brief guide to GORE-TEX product care.  

For a limited time only, we'll also be giving away a special COVERCHORD GORE-TEX eco-bag free to customers who purchase GORE-TEX products.* *Some conditions apply. While stocks last. 

What is GORE-TEX?

When GORE-TEX first came on the market in 1976, it was more durable, breathable, and water-resistant than everything that had preceded it. Embraced with great enthusiasm by outdoor sports enthusiasts, it quickly became synonymous with pinnacle performance rainwear - a reputation it continues to carry to this day.  

The reliability and versatility of GORE-TEX have seen it not only applied to high-performance outdoor wear but in recent times also to casual daily wear and even sneakers. The core functions of GORE-TEX remaining the same across every product it is used in; waterproofing, windproofing, and breathability. 

The basic structure of a GORE-TEX laminate consists of three layers: the outer layer, the GORE-TEX membrane, and the inner layer. The middle layer, the GORE-TEX membrane, is at the heart of the breathable/waterproof functionality. Each square inch of a GORE-TEX membrane contains nine billion pores, each 1/20,000 the size of a drop of water, per square inch of material, leaving no room for water droplets to penetrate.  

GORE-TEX also offers several other technologies to satisfy the performance requirements of specific settings and conditions. 


The three-layer construction of a GORE-TEX laminate 

GORE-TEX membrane, the cornerstone of the technology 

Quality control and rigorous testing ensures the reliability of every GORE-TEX product


It is important to know how to wash your GORE-TEX items properly. Well-cared-for gear will provide better protection and last longer.  

Many GORE-TEX products have a Durably Water Repellent (DWR) finish on the outer layer fabric. Its function is to make water bead and roll off the fabric without being absorbed. DWR is not permanent, however, and the breathable waterproofing of GORE-TEX fabric can be compromised if not maintained. In addition, GORE-TEX technology can be compromised by dirt and sweat accumulating on the inside as well. 


Non-functioning DWR on left. Functioning DWR on right.

That is why it is important to wash your GORE-TEX products regularly, and reapply an appropriate DWR when necessary. COVERCHORD recommends using NIKWAX TECH WASH detergent for water-repellent fabrics, and NIKWAX TX. DIRECT WASH-IN, a water repellent treatment for waterproof, breathable fabrics.

Be sure to carefully follow the garment manufacturer’s instructions too (usually found on the inner label).



Detergent developed for for water-repellent fabrics that restores and revitalizes the water-repellency

Before washing, be sure to make sure your garment can be washed in cold water

① Close all zips, pockets and fasten any flaps or straps.

② If the garment is heavily soiled, apply NIKWAX TECH WASH directly to the stain. 

③ Put the garments in the washing machine and add the appropriate amount of TECH WASH according to the volume of garments.

④ Set a standard wash and rinse course (without spinning).

⑤ After washing, check that all straps, zips, and pockets are closed and put the garments in the washing machine again, still wet.

⑥ Set the machine to the standard washing and rinsing course (without spinning).

⑦ When the water has filled up, stop the machine and add an appropriate amount of TX. DIRECT WASH-IN water repellent and continue the wash cycle.

⑧ Check that the excess water repellent has been removed and dry in the shade, away from direct sunlight. When using a tumble dryer, please follow the garment manufacturer’s instructions.






・Bucket or other container
・Scrubbing brush and sponges

① Remove shoelaces and insole and wash with water to remove dirt and stains.

② Apply NIKWAX FOOTWEAR CLEANING GEL to the damp shoes.

③ Use a scrubbing brush to thoroughly wash the shoes before rinsing with water until all foam is removed.

④ Use a towel to remove excess water and apply the NIKWAX FABRIC & LEATHER PROOF water repellent to the damp shoes.

⑤ Wipe off the excess NIKWAX from the surface, stuff the shoes with scrunched newspaper and dry them in the shade.