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Quality denim is one of the few clothing items that avoids getting caught in the ebb and flow of trends.

A good pair of jeans acts as an inconspicuous base which can be worn regardless of season or style.

Quality materials, craftsmanship and meticulous detailing are all important factors in crafting a timeless classic that can be worn again and again.

With that said, even a finely tuned garment can be improved and updated with hindsight. nonnative have revisited their denim staples to review and tweak for current times.



The classic slim fit jean.

Based on the previous USUAL FIT model, the TYPE 01 jean is the classic, slim, straight leg fit.

The most noticeable change in appearance is the shape of the back yoke, which has been switched back to the more conventional V-shape. Less noticeably, the width of the seat has been reduced very slightly to create a cleaner outer line.

The darts which were previously located at the back of the knee have been moved to the outseam, improving ease of movement with minimal effect on the overall appearance.

The TYPE 01 jean is also available in corduroy and piqué cotton.

The USUAL FIT jean was designed with some room in the hips, a typical feature in vintage American denim. The dart at the back of the knee allowed for increased movement and encouraged creases to form through use and time.

The updated TYPE 01 model has been adjusted to create a sharper, straighter line around the hips and through the leg.


Slim, tapered fit.

Modeled on the DROPPED FIT jean, the new TYPE 02 is slightly looser in the hips and through the upper leg, narrowing from the knees to a tapered silhouette.

Similar to the TYPE 01 the yoke has been changed to a basic V-shape, and the width of the seat has been reduced slightly for a cleaner line.

The darts at the knee have been positioned to straddle the outseam, creating a refined tapered effect.

Stretch denim has been used to maintain ease of movement through the knees.

Another difference between the two models is the color of the label on the back pocket, white for TYPE 01 and blue for TYPE 02.

The DROPPED FIT was looser around the hip with a deep rise, forming a relaxed silhouette.

The TYPE 02 still has the same deep rise, but the excess width has been trimmed for a sleeker form.

With this refresh, nonnative have finessed some details while retaining the overall look and feel of their base models. Previous wearers of nonnative will notice the subtle improvements, and if you’ve never worn nonnative denim before, this could be the perfect opportunity to give them a try.

Text_Rui Konno