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nonnative × ECCO

ECCO and nonnative will release their first-ever collaboration on March 26th (Sat).
Danish brand ECCO is a producer of both premium leather and functional footwear. 
Designed for exceptional comfort and functionality in diverse settings, the EXOHIKE trekking boot combines ECCO’s innovative technologies with nonnative’s urban aesthetics. 

This feature casts a spotlight on the ECCO brand, while also introducing the technology incorporated into this special footwear collaboration.



ECCO was founded in Denmark in 1963 by shoemaker Karl Toosbuy.  Today, the company offers not only shoes but also a range of premium leather bags and accessories.

Seeking to create quality original leathers for its footwear lines, ECCO established its first tannery in 1985 and is now one of few shoemakers globally that own and operate every step of the manufacturing process, from leather production to the final consumer product.


The concept of “design follows function”, meaning shoes should fit feet and not the other way around, is the guiding principle of ECCO’s craftsmanship that has been handed down since the brand’s foundation. The phrase is adapted from the famous modernist design principle “form follows function”.

ECCO shoes are designed to provide a sense of self-confidence from the moment that they are put on, enveloping the feet to hold and support your whole weight through each step.

Offering exceptional comfort and all-day wearability, ECCO shoes embody founder Karl Toosbuy’s philosophy for unparalleled comfort.


There are few shoe brands in the world that make the leather used for their uppers. Realizing that leather provides the best fit for people’s feet and that the quality of the upper directly affects the comfort of the shoe, ECCO was committed to manufacturing their own leather from early on. They now have tanneries across four different countries and also supply leather to globally renowned brands and companies. Nowadays it is impossible to talk about the ECCO brand without mentioning leather. 

ECCO has also made contributions to sustainability by revolutionizing leather production, a process that has historically required huge volumes of water. The brand developed a new tanning process that utilizes moisture already present in the hides. The process significantly reduces the amount of water and chemicals used, and the volume of wastewater produced. This technology has succeeded in saving 20 liters of water per hide, which equates to a total of 25 million liters of water annually. According to World Health Organization statistics, this is equivalent to the amount of water needed by 9,000 people for a year.

nonnative × ECCO

The first collaborative model by the two brands is a high-performance trekking boot that combines ECCO’s functionality and nonnative’s signature aesthetic. 

The model comes in tonal beige and charcoal colorways. The upper is made using premium ECCO leathers, and combines leathers of different textures such as smooth, suede, and scratched to create a luxurious look in a tonal color palette.

Harnessing the base model's high-performance functionality and infused with nonnative style, the boots have been reborn as a versatile shoe that can be enjoyed with casual styling or with shorts in the warmer months.


From ECCO’s diverse line of outdoor-oriented footwear, the EXOHIKE is a trekking boot bursting with functionality.

The boots feature a combination of innovative, performance-focused materials and an exceptionally comfortable fit achieved through ECCO's proprietary technology. The EXOHIKE is equipped with the brands’ latest technology and could be described as ECOO’s ultimate performance shoe. Let’s take a look at the various technologies used in the EXOHIKE.


DriTan is a revolutionary tanning process that utilizes moisture already present in the hides, saving 20 liters of water per hide.

DriTan leather is indistinguishable from traditionally tanned leather. This technology that saves water, reduces chemicals and lowers wastewater production represents a key step in the evolution of one of the world’s oldest industries. 


The upper is equipped with a breathable, waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane.

GORE-TEX® is a durable, waterproof, windproof, breathable material that stops water from getting in while allowing water vapor from perspiration to get out.

ECCO shoes are the number-one users of GORE-TEX® in the world.


ECCO FLUIDFORM™ technology is a process in which polyurethane foam is injected directly into the mold to create an integral, flexible, and lightweight bond between the upper and the last, which is ergonomically designed to follow the natural curves of the foot.

Also known as “direct injection” or “integral molding”, the curved foot head provides unparalleled comfort and cushioning for all-day wearability.

The process allows the upper and the sole to be securely bonded without the use of adhesive or stitching, which in turn increases durability and reduces weight. The technology is attracting attention not only for daily-use products but also for activities that involve a lot of walking or constant movements, such as trekking, golf, and other sports.


ECCO PHORENE™ is an ultra-lightweight polyurethane material developed to create a more functional and high-quality FLUIDFORM™ mid-sole. 

It has double the shock absorption of previous materials, delivering long-lasting cushioning and dramatic rebound. ECCO PHORENE™ is also highly durable, maintaining its flexibility even in extremely cold temperatures of -40℃.


The eye-catching PROSOMA thermoplastic polyurethane heel cups provide protective support and a snug fit to eliminate heel sway and reduce fatigue when trekking or walking.


The outsole is made with rubber from the renowned tire brand, Michelin. The sole provides excellent underfoot traction for use in the mountains and on other rough terrains.

nonnative × ECCO

Size_ 40(25.5), 41(26.5), 42(27.5),
43(28.5), 44(29.5), 45(30.5)