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Elegant everyday wear, shown through a Tokyo commute

The designer for PHOTOCOPIEU, Misa Takeuchi, spent time in France working for leading fashion houses including ISABEL MARANT and VERONIQUE LEROY before returning to Japan and launching her own label in 2019.

Despite the many differences between the two cultures, Takeuchi was most struck by how France seemed to be more egalitarian, encouraging women’s independence and self-confidence, compared to Japan which is still highly patriarchal.

Inspired by the strength and attitudes of the women she encountered in Paris, she tailored a black dress for herself based on workwear, determined to fit in with the strong women who surrounded her.

This formed the concept for her womenswear brand PHOTOCOPIEU, which is known for its innovative, structured silhouettes and use of natural materials.

Derived from the French word for “photocopier”, the brand name hints at the large-scale mass production of clothing today.

Despite the reality of the market, Takeuchi works against efficiency to create one-of-a-kind pieces with a commanding presence that are comfortable enough to be worn every day.

The result is both feminine and sharp, with sleek silhouettes and details constructed using muted hues and soft, natural fabrics.

For the AW2022 collection, Takeuchi aims to move away from gender norms and instead focus on the beauty of the individual human being.
Check out some of our favorite pieces below.




Photograph_Yusuke Abe (YARD)
Hair and Make-up_Moeka Kanehara