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Yoi Iniki
at COVERCHORD Nakameguro

Explore the exquisite designs of the jewelry brand run by two sisters
Customized designs and sizes available to order

Vol.2 10月14日(土)発売

Yoi Iniki is a jewelry brand founded in 2015 in the town of Waimea on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, by sisters Yoi and Noi Iniki. Yoi designs, while Noi takes care of other aspects of the brand.

Inspired by the nature of Hawaii, Yoi Iniki uses authentic materials such as black pearls and diamonds.
The jewelry exudes a sophisticated charm, making it a popular brand among men as well as women.

Their latest creation, named “Profile”, is a diamond earring with the stone turned on its head so that it is visible when viewed from the side. The playful spirit unique to the sisters, who spent their summers in Hawaii, can be felt in the creative names of items inspired by nature, creatures, and shared expressions.


Earrings_PROFILE ¥60,000~
Charm_CHARMS ¥66,000~


Earrings_SEN Black Pearl TRUNK ¥22,000~


Necklace_SOUCIE ¥166,000~
Bracelet_Dracaena A ¥140,000~

Items are created through a unique design method where Yoi, the older sister, draws lines directly onto the body of her younger sister Noi.

The jewelry is intricately designed to complement the curves of flesh and bone, seamlessly melding with and becoming a part of the wearer.

The subtle and organic designs have garnered popularity across a diverse range of individuals, transcending age and gender.


Necklace_ANINI Black Pearl ¥140,000~
Bangle_WAN ¥117,000~


Bracelet_ SPARROW ¥124,000~
Ring_ IBERIS ¥64,000~

Predominantly crafted from 10k or 18k yellow gold; diamonds, emeralds, and pearls are used to adorn the pieces.

Despite the escalating cost of gold, Yoi Iniki remains dedicated to using pure materials without resorting to plating. This unwavering commitment embodies the sincere desire of the Iniki sisters for the jewelry to be a long-lasting companion in the wearer's life.


Necklace_KATAKANA ¥160,000~
/ ANINI Diamond ¥126,000~

Vol.2 10月14日(土)発売

Vol.2 10月14日(土)発売

Yoi Iniki
at COVERCHORD Nakameguro

We’re excited to be hosting a pop-up event at COVERCHORD Nakameguro.
Throughout the event, Yoi Iniki’s entire current lineup will be available, plus there will be a unique opportunity to place orders for custom sizes or stone modifications.

Designer Yoi will be present at the store on Saturday 2nd ~ Sunday 3rd, and Saturday 9th ~ Sunday 10th December.
We welcome you to discover a unique piece to cherish for a lifetime.

Saturday, December 2nd to Sunday, December 10th
11:00 - 19:00
1-23-14 Aobadai, Meguro, Tokyo 153-0042

Yoi Iniki

Vol.2 10月14日(土)発売

A selection of items will be available on our online store.

Vol.2 10月14日(土)発売