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Bold and distinctive, inspired by nature

8UEDE’s eighth collection is now available

8UEDE is a jewelry brand by designer Osuzu, who searches the world for natural and cultural inspiration.

Each piece reflects an aspect of the world that surrounds us, from leaves swaying in the wind to ripples on the surface of water, shapes and patterns that connect the wearer to the natural world we inhabit.

The latest offering is 8UEDE’s eighth collection.

In keeping with the theme, there are chains made up of the symbolic number 8, and a snake motif, which has been considered a sacred symbol since ancient times. Rock formations, water patterns, and a distinctive butterfly motif also feature in this collection.

Made from silver and gold and incorporating marble and precious stones, each piece possesses an almost mystical quality.

Since the bold and unique designs are rooted in nature, the jewelry feels fresh yet timeless. 8UEDE jewelry is made to be worn, loved, and cherished for a lifetime.