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Specialist alpine climbing equipment and apparel brand WILD THINGS has launched a new line - THE PX WILD THINGS.

Aiming to satisfy the needs of campers and families who enjoy the outdoors, the offering consists of gear, accessories, and carry designed for a wide range of leisure activities.

Bursting with functionality and user-focused design, THE PX WILD THINGS' arrival is perfectly timed as we look to venture outdoors this spring.

Launched for the 2022 Spring & Summer season, new COVERCHORD selection THE PX WILD THINGS is available now.

The label is a sub-line from specialist alpine climbing equipment and apparel brand WILD THINGS.

Drawing its name from the abbreviation of “Post Exchange”, a daily goods store for residents of a garrison or military base, the offering consists of a broad range of outdoor leisure-focused gear and carry.

The line includes tool bags that are perfect for carrying small essential equipment, covers that prevent gas canisters from getting too cold or radiating heat, hangable tissue cases, aprons, and more. Beyond the convenience that each item’s core functionality provides, the sleek design makes THE PX WILD THINGS suited to not only outdoor environments, but also living rooms and other daily-use settings.

Make the most of your time outdoors this season with THE PX WILD THINGS.