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Known for its functional, durable, and performance-focused approach, nonnative’s lineup of apparel often draws cues from military and outdoor gear. While styles and fabrics change from season to season, the Dweller series of items remains a constant, the basic garments that every wardrobe needs or likely already has. From t-shirts and sweatshirts to easy pants and socks, the Dweller series has you covered, and this of course includes jeans. Although the jeans’ silhouettes are tweaked each season, the fundamentals always remain the same. Carefully considered and with clean and minimal details, they can be seen to underline the brand’s philosophy. Let’s take a look at nonnative’s three fits of jeans.



First is the TYPE 01, a slim, straight silhouette.
This is the archetypal silhouette of nonnative jeans. What sets them apart from other slim fit or “skinny” jeans is that the denim doesn’t stick too close to the shape of the body, forming its own silhouette instead. Despite being constructed of non-stretch denim, these jeans don’t feel restrictive when bending or sitting down. The watch pocket is angled to the wearer’s hand and the premium feel of the selvedge denim adds to the stress-free comfort of this model.


The TYPE 02 jean is often described as tapered but is a little different from what we usually imagine when thinking of tapered jeans.

Many tapered models begin at the calf and gradually taper all the way down to the cuffs, resulting in an unmistakably retro vibe. The TYPE 02 jeans offer a roomier top half then tapers slightly at the knee, from where it drops down to the cuff in a more or less straight line, allowing for a slimmer bottom half without the old-school aesthetic. A lateral dart at the knee and elimination of rivets are characteristics of the TYPE 02 jeans.

The third and final silhouette is the TYPE 03 jean, which is the classic, straight model.

With room around the hips and thighs and a silhouette that is neither slim nor wide, these are the most relaxed of all the fits. Made from 13.5oz selvedge denim, the TYPE 03 shape is the most roll-up-friendly of the three silhouettes.

At first glance, all three models may look quite alike. But on closer inspection, each fit has its own subtle character while maintaining a timeless feel. And like the rest of nonnative’s range, there are no frills or gimmicks, just straight-up good-quality clothing that is designed to last for years to come.