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We often forget that New York is not only one of the busiest cities in the world but also a state with a rich and diverse topography, full of meadows, mountains, and rivers. To the north of the region, on the banks of the picturesque Cayuga Lake and surrounded by nature is the small village of Aurora, with a population of less than 1,000. The AURORA SHOES workshop was founded here in the 1990s and has been steadily hand-crafting simple, quality shoes ever since.


The first thing you notice about an AURORA shoe, is how simple and organic it is in construction and form. Each shoe is hand-made by skilled artisans from start to finish. Anyone who has ever owned a pair will attest to how comfortable they are, so let’s look into how this could be.

The upper is made from thick, oil-stained leather from HORWEEN®, the oldest tannery in the United States. It is a sustainably produced leather containing a secret blend of natural oils and is characterized by its hand-rubbed finish. The unlined upper is cut from a single piece, allowing for an even stretch that molds perfectly to the wearer’s feet. The practically seamless design means that they won’t rub, even when worn barefoot.

Thick leather is also used in the footbed of the shoes. The natural moisture-absorbing properties control perspiration and humidity in the soles, which is the secret to keeping the inside of the shoe comfortable. The light and flexible EVA #2010 outsole used is often seen in American workboots and moccasins and is manufactured by Vibram® USA. Even the thread and adhesives used are produced in America, making the shoe 100% USA-made.

AURORA SHOES are made of leather, a sole, and minimal hardware or laces depending on the design. There are no innovative materials, ergonomic technologies, or anything else to describe. Extremely simple, and extremely comfortable.

The only caveat is that the true comfort of the shoe cannot be experienced when they are brand new. But with replaceable soles and leathers purporting to last forever, these shoes offer a lifetime of comfort.