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One piece of equipment which can really make a difference to the quality of your camping trip is the compact single-burner stove. Portable stoves require gas, and there are several types of gas canister on the market but by far the most common type available in Japan is the aerosol canister.
These canisters are cheap and easily obtainable in supermarkets and local convenience stores, but since they were originally designed for and predominantly used indoors, their output is often weak and unreliable in outdoor environments.

Japanese outdoor brand SOTO has developed a portable stove series that overcomes this obstacle and enables campers to use the readily available and cheap variety of gas canister even for outdoor use.

The outstanding feature of this burner stove is its stable firepower. As the product name suggests, the stove features a “regulator”, a mechanism that adjusts to pressure changes and stabilizes the main body’s gas supply, providing a reliable output even in changeable environments.

The minimal design is compact and lightweight, with a low center of gravity providing a secure base. Even larger pots and pans can be accommodated with no concerns of tipping over.

SOTO’s history of developing industrial burners ensures the highest level of expertise and craftsmanship. Proudly made in Japan, the operating parts feel solid, the mechanism sounding a reassuring ‘click’ when folded away.

We want to pack as little as possible when we go camping, and what we do pack, needs to work.

A reliable burner that uses the most common type of gas canister, without the need to visit a specialist camping store, is a huge bonus for the casual camper. SOTO’s own gas canisters, designed for use with these stoves are often seen on sale at campgrounds and mountain lodges, providing a sense of security in our choice.

Amongst the many excellent outdoor brands in the world, SOTO’s sturdy, accessible and dependable gear proves to be one of the best in the field.