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COLLABORATION with Rab / nonnative
Interview with Peach

An interview with Peach, who will be performing at RDC’s Sound Horizon
Plus collaboration products with nonnative and Rab


“Sound Horizon”

Following the success of the long-awaited comeback earlier this year, Japan’s favorite dance music festival Rainbow Disco Club is gearing up for a spin-off event called RDC Sound Horizon, to be held on Saturday, October 29th at Chidori Park in Kawasaki. The event will comprise two outdoor areas, the spacious RDC Stage and The Top, from which night scenes of the sci-fi-esque Keihin Industrial Zone can be viewed. A total of 18 DJs and artists from Japan and around the world are scheduled to play for this all-night event.

RDC “Sound Horizon”

Date: Saturday, October 29th 15:00 ~ Sunday, October 30th 09:00 Venue opens: Saturday, October 29th 14:00
Location: Chidori Park, 9-1 Chidorichō, Kawasaki Ward, Kanagawa


One artist set to grace the stage is Peach.
Originally from Canada and now based in London, her eclectic range and bubbly energy have captured the ears and hearts of dance music lovers across the globe.

A regular on NTS and on the club circuit, alongside her DJ sets Peach produces tunes that encompass her unique vibe and has just launched her own label, Psychic Readings, to house all her truest sounds and experiments.

Now set to play in Japan for the first time, we track her down for an exclusive interview to discuss her history, influences, and style, and what she’s looking forward to most during her time in Tokyo.

Selection by Peach

―What were your interests when you were growing up and how did you start getting into music?

Growing up, I was really into skateboarding. I skated until I was 16, and I kinda quit then because I started cheerleading competitively in high school and the coaches didn’t want me to injure myself on a skateboard between competitions.
I’m not sure either of these things really relate to my interest in music, but I think through skateboarding videos & video games like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, I found quite a lot of varying genres of music I liked, from Rock to Punk to Hip Hop.
I always liked Pop music as well growing up, especially early 2000s RnB which I still have a soft spot for now, and Emo music like Taking Back Sunday and Brand New which was popular at the time with Myspace. I think it was through Myspace I actually discovered “The Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles” which was a mix CD by Steve Aoki.

―You’ve selected some of your favorite tracks for us. Could you expand on why you chose these tunes and any memories that are associated with them?

My relationship with Spotify was very important in this - I picked my favourite things that I listen to on that platform and I don’t really use it for dance music, so in no particular order these are a handful of my favourite Hip Hop & RnB songs.
I find it difficult to pick things as my favourite, but I think these are all tracks I feel very close to.

―What made you move to London from Toronto, where you were born and raised? How do the two cities compare, for you personally?

I was actually raised outside of Toronto, in a suburb, but I moved to the city in my 20s after university and stayed for what was most of my adult life (at the time).
I don’t think you can compare any two cities, but Toronto and London are especially different and I like them for different reasons. Toronto has a much smaller scene, which was super essential for me in my formative years. I felt supported by people around me there & I think we all grew and learned things together.
London’s scene is much bigger and dance music itself is huge here, and there are more opportunities because of that.
There is so much space for everyone to do whatever it is they are thinking and while people here are always complaining about the lack of venues, there is still more by far compared to Toronto.

―Tell us about the artists, people, and places that have influenced and shaped your music style.

In no particular order - PLO man, Central, Shanti Celeste, Fio Fa, Midland, Saoirse, MARICAS, Call Super, Objekt, Hessle Audio, Freerotation, Eris Drew, Octo Octa, CCL, Roza Terenzi, D.Tiffany, Ciel, RAC, Bushwacka, Pacific Records, E.B.E, Lucas Rodenbush, Terry Francis, Scott Featherstone, Safe Distro, Nathan Micay, Chapter 10, Panorama Bar, Club 676, Brady, Erinn, and just existing & dancing in London & all my friends there.

―Your sets on radio and at clubs are so diverse in genre and energy. How did you establish your current style?

This is a super difficult question for me to answer because I feel like this is a process I am constantly working on & building. Currently, I’ve had a lot of focus on trying to maintain a specific energy and being more controlled in my sets. I like playing longer sets to really take the time to build something, and so I can build moments over time with specific peaks in energy.
I think through many hours of experimentation, staying true to tracks I really like & playing them regardless if they’re “cool” or not, I’ve found a space I’m really happy in.

―I guess that you often travel in your profession. Tell us about a favorite experience from your travels.

It’s hard for me to share just one experience but recently whenever I have gone to New York to play, my best friends from Canada will meet me there and we spend a few days there catching up, eating, shopping… I really cherish these moments we have together and feel so thankful for them.

―What are your thoughts on music originating from Japan, and what is your impression of Japanese culture?

My knowledge of music from Japan is limited but what I do listen to is often more ambient/experimental which I really enjoy and find very inspiring. I have only spent one week in Tokyo before on vacation and otherwise, my understanding of Japanese culture is what I have watched on Terrace House - which maybe isn’t the best representation, but I really liked the show (I’ve seen almost every season lol)...
To me, it feels like a culture that really appreciates respect, tradition, and values. It also feels like the dating culture there is very respectful and communicative (you can tell I learned this from Terrace House lol).

―This will be your first time DJing at Rainbow Disco Club. What are you looking forward to most from your experience here?

I can’t wait to play in Japan for the first time obviously but also really looking forward to eating many things while I’m over & skating around Tokyo for a few days and maybe checking some vintage shops. I also heard there is a cafe where you can meet little piglets and I want to do that because pigs are very cute!!!!

―Finally, please tell us about your look, and what you like to wear. (We love your new hairstyle by the way!)

Thank you so much about the hair <3 Getting this haircut made me feel the most myself I’ve ever felt before - it feels weird looking at older photos with long hair now like “who is she????”.
I absolutely love to shop vintage designer, mostly ‘90s/2000s era specifically. I like to wear a lot of baggy clothes, especially pants (but jackets too) and more recently I feel like baggy pants with small tops is something I wear a lot. I’ve embraced a lot of the Y2K aesthetic which has come into fashion like micro minis and low-rise Cavallis for when I want to feel a bit more femme/cute.
I love wearing sneakers but also have been wearing Miista heeled boots that are super comfy to many gigs. I’ve honestly always loved shopping & buying clothes and my personal style really feels dependent on how I’m feeling, but recently I’ve been feeling a lot more femme which has been inspiring my more recent outfits.


Peach is a Canadian-born, London-based DJ & Producer. Her sets have become beloved worldwide for the emotional range and bubbly energy that radiates directly from her & through the music. With a unique style that is classic, yet steeped in modern flair, she inhabits a continuum of sound somewhere between sassy techno rollers, tripped out broken beat groovers and the anthemic emotional release of timeless house. Through her new label Psychic Readings, she seeks to further explore her sound & space within production. A truly honest musical voice and lover of the feedback loop between dancer & DJ, Peach’s output always feels confidently transmitted from her soul. Her inextinguishable lust for life is inspired by the genuine connections between moments, people & music - bestowing a loving gift of dynamism, passion & adventure into the universe wherever she may go.


Translation_Yuko Caroline Omura


Rab × Rainbow Disco Club

Constructed from recycled 2.5-layer Pertex® Revolve fabric with a fluorocarbon-free DWR treatment, the Downpour Eco Waterproof Jacket is lightweight, packable, waterproof, windproof, and breathable, making it perfect for unpredictable festival weather conditions. The jacket features an adjustable hem and cuffs, and a pair of deep-venting pit zips enable you to tweak the fit and ventilation as conditions demand. The peaked hood is two-way adjustable for reliable visibility. Also features two zipped pockets at the waist for securing essentials. Light and packable, with a weight of just 280g.

Rab × Rainbow Disco Club
Downpour Eco Jacket



Long and short-sleeved t-shirts using the original nonnative body. Available in 3 colors, the t-shirts feature exclusive graphics inspired by ’70s funk artwork, with logo-incorporated designs to the chest. Caps featuring the collaboration will also be available in two colors.

nonnative × Rainbow Disco Club

nonnative × Rainbow Disco Club

nonnative × Rainbow Disco Club