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Uncompromising on absorption and comfort

An independent lingerie brand focusing on absorbent underwear
Now available on COVERCHORD

Supporting women’s monthly cycle, leak-proof underwear that feels like regular underwear


For light and heavy days

Although period pants have been around for several years now, it is still a relatively new market in a field that had not seen much major innovation in over 60 years.

Rinē’s absorbent underwear uses a newly developed, highly absorbent sheet with a honeycomb structure. Two types of pants are available, the ‘full’ model has an incredible absorbency of up to 110ml, equivalent to 11 napkins, while the ‘regular’ type can hold up to 60ml, or approximately 6 napkins.  

The leak-proof and moisture-wicking design ensures a feeling of freshness and comfort all day and through the night.

TENCEL™ is a super smooth, stretchy, and non-restrictive fabric that is gentle on the skin and possesses quick-drying, antibacterial, and deodorizing qualities.

It is made using environmentally friendly procedures and sustainably sourced natural raw ingredients. It has been certified as completely biodegradable and compostable, making it kind to our earth as well as our bodies.

Mommy bralette

Nursing mothers will be familiar with breast pads, designed to provide comfort and discretion by preventing leaks and keeping sensitive skin and clothing dry.

They are an essential accessory to breastfeeding, but disposable pads are neither cost-effective nor eco-friendly, while reusable pads require frequent washing and can be bulky and uncomfortable.

The mommy bralette eliminates the need for pads altogether, made from super soft fabric with an ultra-thin 0.5mm absorbent sheet, offering comfort, protection against leaks, and a smooth silhouette.

The severe impact of single-use products has been highlighted in recent years, and sanitary products have played a significant part in this.

Removing the need for tampons, napkins, and nursing pads, cutting down on plastic waste, and saving money in the process seems like a no-brainer for ourselves and our earth.

Rinē’s simple designs offer reliable, stress-free comfort and confidence at any point in your cycle or your breastfeeding journey.