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Whether you’re sheltering indoors or venturing out,
we’ve hand-picked a variety of items to keep you comfortable through rainy season

The rainy season in Japan typically spans the month of June and into mid-July.
The weather is notoriously unpredictable, with warm, sunny spells interrupted by sudden downpours.

Combined with increasing temperatures and humidity, this time of year can be sticky and uncomfortable.

In a bid to lift dampened spirits, we’ve curated a selection of goods to keep you happy and comfortable, whether you’re indoors or out.
Get ready for the rain, wherever you are in the world.

Comfortable base layers and pajamas

Even when it’s not raining, high humidity guarantees you’ll be feeling damp and sticky at least some of the time. Fine, breathable and dry-touch materials are the ideal choice for any fabric that comes in direct contact with your skin. We’ve selected a range of tops and loungewear designed to keep you cool and comfortable.

Fresh towels

Towel usage is likely to increase in the coming months. Whether you’ve been caught in the rain, or the humid heat has got you resorting to multiple showers a day, a new set of towels will add a welcome touch of luxury to your daily routines.

Home comforts

When it’s raining we tend to spend more time indoors. From stylish dehumidifiers and handheld fans, to fragrant essential oils and cleansing palo santo, we’ve rounded up the best goods to get your home feeling comfy and fresh.

High performing rain jackets

A good waterproof jacket is one of life’s necessities. From a light drizzle to a torrential downpour, we’ve got you covered for every eventuality.

 *Check out how to care for your GORE-TEX items

Water-repellant accessories

A waterproof jacket will keep you dry, but there’s always room for an accessory or two. Check out our range of hats, watches and bags designed to withstand the rain.

Reliable GORE-TEX footwear

There’s nothing worse than spending the day with soaking wet feet after getting caught off-guard. Our range of GORE-TEX shoes will keep you dry without compromising on style, whether you’re in the city or walking a nature trail.

 *Check out how to care for your GORE-TEX items